Wednesday, 29 April 2015



Two survivors named Lachlan and Lewis thought they were the last people in New Zealand. New Zealand was a great place to live in, but one day a horrible thing happened. The United States dropped a missile strike because they thought it would end the world war. But instead it unleashed a total freak show.

One day Lewis and Lachlan were watching TV when Josh and Ari were talking about getting food and water supplies and something about a thing called a zombie. They were both looking at each other puzzled. "What's a zombie?" Lachlan said.

"I don't know " said Lewis."Well it sounds dangerous" Lachlan replied.

"WELL LETS GET GOING THEN!" Lewis yelled as he panicked. So they rushed out the door and scrambled into the car. But they didn't know where to go. Josh told him how many zombies there are in that area. Josh says the safest place is probably Nelson. Lachlan yells "LETS GO NOW!" He was driving so fast the gas almost ran out.

Two hours later, they searched every house they saw. Lewis got the water, Ari made the zombie cure, Lachlan got weapons and Josh got the food. But then, as Josh opened the cupboard, a smelly ugly zombie popped out.

The zombie grabbed Josh he was struggling to keep the zombie off him but then Lewis sprinted in and
Tackled it to the ground "tie it up quick!" Ari said "that one came out of nowhere didn't it" Lachlan replied anxiously