Tuesday, 22 September 2015

School camp speech

Has anybody ever said something mean about you and then you got upset? Like when someone tells on you when you didn't do anything wrong, or when someone puts you down? These types of things make you feel upset and annoyed.

One day I woke up in my bed, ready for a fantastic day because I knew it was school camp. I hopped out of bunk bed but all of a sudden my foot slipped on the ladder. BANG! I fell off. As I opened my eyes I couldn't find my legs. I started to freak out. I looked behind me and they weren't there so I looked forward and as I spun my head around. Oh look I found my legs. I calmed myself down by rubbing my head on the carpet. I know it seems 
like a dumb idea but it feels so good not worrying about the consequences. 

So as I lifted my head it started to burn then I realised I had carpet burn. Well what's done is done, better carry on with my life. I told myself nothing can ruin my day.

We'd settled in our cabin. It was cramped and there was writing on the walls it said William was here 2014. It scared me and sent chills down my spine. Was there someone else here? Then I told myself it's 2015. As I was thinking to myself I heard noises from the bathroom, my heart started to beat faster and faster.... never mind it was just the flush. 

I walked outside and guess what there was, a touch tournament. We started to play and we were winning 2 nil and someone passed to themselves. I told the ref and the player called me boring. That's when I lost it "you just gotta fight with a devil" I shouted"Oh really give me your best shot"he replied angrily but then the ref thought I was starting a fight and I got sent to mister Anderson "but I wasn't starting a fight well I kind of was" I told Mr. Anderson. After that little 'talk' I thought to myself "whew that was close". 

If someone says something mean about you don't listen and you will be alright

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  1. Good work I felt like that once I get bulled at camp to. From Tyler