Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lake Taupo on the rugby field

 Here we are on the rugby field. We've met our final match. The powerful Ponsonby. They kick off. The ball is in my hands. All I can see is the opponent's running at me. It’s like they are a herd of rhinos charging, sprinting at me. What am I going to do? My teammates are yelling at me, commanding me to pass to them but I am too late, WAM!! I've been tackled, the dry grass scrapes against my skin.

They've turned the ball over, the coach screams at us to get in position. I think he made my eardrums bleed. We are tackling, driving over the rucks for the ball with all our might. The whistle blows, it is half time we are winning 27-10.

I can see the sun on the horizon it is bright and orange, while shining in my eyes. I can see the buses lined up in rows, some are supporting, some are against us. As I am distracted from the game the whistle blows.  It's full time we won! Some of us are crying, some are cheering, the crowd is chanting our names "CHRISTCHURCH ARE THE BEST."

As we were playing I was thinking the one question over and over again. Were we going to win? Were we going to win? Before the game I had butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. But now I felt like a champion.

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