Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Learning is good in lots of ways. You can learn from your parents or at school. No matter where you are, you can learn.

One blazing day in Akaroa my family and I were on the boat zooming away into the sunset looking for dolphins. I was leaning over the side. Dad was telling me to be careful  and I wasn't listening. All I could hear was dng dng dng. Danger was approached in the form of my brother. He pushed me in. 
"Hahahaha!" Eli said. 

I was panicking. My heart rate increased a million beats faster than before.  It felt like it was about to come out of my chest.

"GRAB MY HAND" dad was yelling at me. My brother didn't even care.

All he said was "Oh look there's a dolphin!" That caught their attention.

"What about me?" I yelled, treading water and trying to stay afloat.

"Oh yeah" dad replied looking back in my direction.

Finally I got in the boat and we drove back to shore. I learned that boating is very serious and more importantly to never turn your back on your brother. One more thing before I go, always listen to your parents.


  1. DOLPHINS! I love dolphins I wish I could ride one that was purple or pink. You now what I'm going to ride when I'm old enough.

  2. Wow Lach how scary for you. Hopefully you can come boating with us in summer and we can zoom off into the distance- both families and nobody in the water by mistake.

  3. That was a really awesome story Lochie! It must've been very scary! I liked how you said your brother found it very funny! There is NO WAY I am EVER going to do that to Iris! Even though I am 8 years older than her...
    Really nice story! You had me reading like no tomorrow!