Monday, 2 November 2015

My trip to the hospital

I walk into the hospital thinking what are they going to do to me? I lie flat on the soft and cozy bed with my robe which drapes from me because it is too big. Nurses come and go panicking making sure the patients are ok. The wires hang from the walls like jungle vines. Machines beep like a robot in distress. I was wheeled into a luxurious room. The large bed sits in the room alone, separated from the rest, like a boy separated from his parents. 


  1. Wow Lochie, you do so well to make me feel how strange and scary it is being in hospital. I love the way you connected the bed's isolation to how you feel being separated from your parents. You really tugged at my heart strings!

  2. Wow lochie , great story i love how said how scared but you didn't say it .