Sunday, 6 December 2015

Wither boss

The wither boss
Boom! Immediately shredder the solder came to attention.
 "What was that?" shredder yelled, standing at the top of tall, dungeon tower. 
Shredder instantly, came ou smashed the door of the tower and sprinted across the cold cobblestones which pinched his bare feet. Something dark and threatening came out from behind the tower "What the - oh no!" Shredder shrieked .  The flames in the thing’s eyes and the shriek in his voice make Shredder’s legs shake, but he stood his ground. It instantly came charging like in a bull run. Shredder yanked out the stone sword defending the base till the crack of dawn. It was too late. He could not defend the base any longer, so he went  to the restricted area, where there was a very rare nether portal. The wither boss was directly behind him.  Immediately he rushed in rushed to the nether..

A few seconds later Shredder was in the nether.  He heard the screech of a ghast, flying through the air, with it’s four legs dangling. The flames burned high around him.  He looked around and he saw a horde of pigmen. Then he spotted a survivor fighting for his life. Shredder spun around and sprinted into the fortress. "So many ways, where do I go?" 
"Hello," boomed a wither skeleton with flames in his eyes and a smile on his face. 
"Watch out!" A mysterious voice came out of the shadows. 
"Who are you?" Shredder said, gasping.
"JUST RUN!" the mysterious voice yelled as he started to run. "Stop here," he whispered when he reached the corner.
"So who are you?" Shredder replied.
"My name is Bioshock," he said.


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