Sunday, 28 February 2016

What I wake up to

What I Wake Up To

I wake to
the birds singing
away in the trees. 
A choir having a singing lesson.

I wake to 
the trees swaying, 
greeting me 
as I walk into their house.

I wake to 
the dogs having a long 
conversation about 
whatever they like.

I wake to
the sound of my 
mum making her 
daily coffee.

I wake where 
I know someone's around 
And I feel safe.


I am learning to use personification in a poem. I am going well because I can use personification but don't know what types of words to use. My next step is to think about the right choice of words and sentences. I think my writing is multi structural. 

1 comment:

  1. Great story lochie I love how you siad I wake to the birds singing away in the trees. That reminders me when I was at your house for a sleep over and all we woke up to was Eli jumping around.