Thursday, 14 April 2016

Arts reflection

This term I was learning to connect using the musical arts also known as a universal language. I have been trying to use them lots in a soundscape that we have been working on.

My learning was connected because I tried connecting the sound with the poem that we have written about a favorite family member. 

I think I achieved the learning objective because to make the soundscape I used shakers as the rhythm and symbols for the beat and I used the drum.  My learning is multistructural because I used many instruments but I cannot explain some of them with the poem.

My dad is a simple man. He owns three businesses called Joe's Garage, Riccarton, Cranford and Rangiora. You will normally find him and his long legs striding through his business. Sometimes he has his teeth clenched or sometimes his eyes gleam in the sun while strolling through, blissfully talking about his day.

There is always this strong and scrumptious scent following him wherever he goes. His ‘man voice’ is like a loudspeaker on maxed volume. He laughs at most of his jokes; I would call them uncle jokes because they are jokes an uncle would make up. My dad normally says he is never disappointed in me and always proud if I try my best.

He is someone who gives people second chances. He is nice, kind and playful. He's mostly serious but at the same time he is funny. He can control his anger but for some reason I can't.   

You would normally find him with a tennis racket, a Joe’s voucher and a rugby ball.

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