Thursday, 14 July 2016

Case Studies

We have more immigrants from non English speaking countries than people from countries that speak English. Out of 34,530 immigrants 250 immigrants were dissatisfied with their life in NZ but only 20 immigrants were very dissatisfied with their life in NZ. 

What is prejudice?
Prejudice is judging someone. You can be prejudiced in many different ways. 
Racism is judging someone by how they look for eg. You have different skin colour so they might think they’re bad or if they are from a country who has done some bad things people might think they are dangerous.
Sexism is saying blue is a boy colour and pink is a girl colour. Girls might say that boys have no willpower and girls have lots of willpower. Boys might scare you and say you scream like a girl and that is what sexism is.
Ageism is where if you're older you think you have more authority than younger people do. Say a little kid got in your way you will think you had authority to say to them right at their face “GET OUT OF MY WAY” then the little kid might start crying and you will feel really bad that is what ageism is.

We have interviewed many immigrants to find out what made them feel welcome.  We found out that immigrants feel welcome when you stop and talk to them about their day and make them feel happy. You might smile at them and then they might smile back at you and then you think to yourself “I think I made them feel as if they belong.

There are also many other actions that make immigrants feel isolated. You might point or look away these actions make them feel as if you don't want them to be there. you might whisper and stare at them they might cry or run away that's why we need to stop and have conversations and make them feel happy.

When we interviewed the immigrants we asked if they had any tips or ways to make immigrants feel welcome and this is what they said.
Making a conversation
Helping them 
Be kind 

 It is important that we improve the way we make immigrants feel connected with the community because then we would have a happier harmonious environment where immigrants feel welcome and if our environment is welcoming less immigrants would be dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their life in NZ. This means that in the future that NZ is a happier place for immigrants. 

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