Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Technology is taking over

This term I have been learning about how to write a good speech. My speech is about ‘technology is taking over’. I've been learning about creating structure within a speech and using good words to allow the audience to create the image in their minds of what my speech is telling them.

I think I have good structure but sometimes lack in connecting my ideas.

Only one of my ideas connect to the point of view. I can only use some language devices to show and make an image. At the start before I read my speech I was really nervous because I thought that nobody would like it, but as soon as I read my speech everyone was laughing and I was proud of myself.

Please click herehttps://soundcloud.com/waimairisounds/technology-taking-over to listen to my speech or read it down below.

Do you remember when someone talked to you and you replied without listening to a word they said? Or when you're playing on your device and your mum asks you “have you done your chores yet?” and you reply with a “yes” , but you have no clue what she said.  I see people walking across the road with their heads in their Phones , people ramming into each other on the footpath while looking at their devices. Have you noticed that more and more people are becoming engaged in their phones and less and less people are aware of the world around us? I think that the impact of this, is that people are going to feel left out because they will be too engaged in their phones to talk to each other.

An example of this follows:-

I'm at my friends house just hanging out, sitting relaxed on Lewis's luxurious grey shaded couch. We're watching tv and I get bored, so I create a conversation
 “Hey, do you want to play a board game?” Lewis doesn't reply so I ask again “do you want to play a board game!”
No reply
So I ask Lewis one more time, except with anger in my voice because I'm someone who blows a fuse a little too quickly “Lewis answer me!”
 I look up at Lewis and he's wearing headphones “Listen to me Lewis jeez!!.”
“Huh?” Lewis says confused “what's wrong Lochie?”
“Oh, you know what's wrong”
“No I  don't,  but please tell me!” Lewis gives me an evil glare,  it's like his eyes are putting holes in me but I pretend that it doesn't bother me.
I say to Lewis,  “Why are you so engulfed in your phone technology,?  It’s like a type of poison to the human race”
“Why do you think that?” Lewis replies
“Because people are getting upset by people on the internet and that's one reason why I don't like devices.”

Another example :-
I was sitting down on the cold cobblestone path texting my mum about going to a friends house or scootering home. I ask if I can do these and she replies “NO!” , so I ask back
“Why are you mad,  I just asked?”
“I'm not mad “ Mum replies
“Oh,  sorry, I misunderstood you”

this is why I don't really like texting because you might type something but you mean it in a completely different way.

The other bad thing about phones and devices is that they are addictive.  My parents say that I'm on it most of the time. That's probably true, my dad says that we're losing our kids to technology but he would call me his hooligan.
Wait! I'm no hooligan!
anyway back to the subject. I think that there is this tiny light inside the screen so it hypnotises you and says to your brain “keep going keep going!” And this is where I connect to the start if you start you can't stop so you might not be able to hear anyone?.

If there is a solution to this please tell me because if there isn't then I have an idea. My idea is that when you're playing on your device it pauses automatically so when someone talks to you, you can actually hear them, rather than just replying to someone and you don't actually know what they’ve said.
I think this will make the world a better place because there might be something important on the news or someone could've been hurt near you and you wouldn't know. The reason I took so long to write this speech was because I was to engaged in my other devices. This is why I don't think we should have technology because you would be to engaged to do important things. I know what you're all thinking “but I'm using a device”!  yes I know,  but this is important.
All those other reasons I wrote above were to say that technology is bad in some ways and at different times.

Thank you

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