Wednesday, 26 October 2016

hide and seek

80 81 82 I trip up hitting the hard ground.
Oh no I'm about to die.
“Maybe I should tie up my laces 
That seems smart doesn't it?”
86 87 88 I'm following my horrible friends, 
Leaving me behind.
Will I be found? Will I not?
“Stand up quick Lockie!”
89 90 91 The tall gum trees stand over, 
and watch like guardians. 
Can they see me yet?
95 96 97 l dive into the prickly leaves.
What have I done? 
“Don't move or the leaves will rattle!”
99 100. The spikes on the leaves impale my skin.
Will we be spotted by Josh's bright red top?
“Please don't move!”
The teachers scurry past our spot.
How did we not get found?
“Josh please don't cough!”
But he coughs “you just had to let it go didn't you?” I say to Josh.
“What was that?” The teachers ask. 
Oh no! We were found. Just then out of nowhere...
“Gucci Mano!” 
We all look at him with disappointment.
“At least our planning books aren't lonely any more right?”
Then the horn beeps the game is over.

1 comment:

  1. I love reading this one. It makes me smile every time. I can vividly imagine what was going on, especially by your choice of words.... impale I love especially. Nice one Lochie.